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These are our Frequently Asked Questions, if your question doesn't appear below please get in touch using any of the contact methods avialable and our team will answer your query ASAP.

Is Paoch sanitizer effect even if it's alcohol free?

YES! In Fact, our anti-microbe, alcohol free sanitizer Paoch , is Health Canada approved and acts as an efficient sanitizer to kill 99.9% germs such as COVID-19 on objects and hands. Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, it will fight microbes on your hands for a longer period without irritating your skin - regardless of how often you use it.

What is the Proof that Paoch sanitizer is effective against COVID-19?

By visiting the List of hand sanitizers (COVID-19) authorized by Health Canada

You will find our Anti-microbe under NPN #02248351.

Is it safe to refill and reuse desinfectant or soap empty bottles?

It is safe, as long as you make sure to clean the containers or bottles properly to make sure the old disinfectant or sanitizer is not mixed with the refill.

How many Paoch bags can I order?

You can order as much as you want and any format you want. But to be efficient in shipping cost, we recommend a minimum of 1L total order combined in any format . Always remember to take advantage of our free door to door delivery so make sure to order enough and reach the minimum for free shipping.

What's the smallest/largest Paoch bag I can get?

We have Paoches of 250ml, 500ml and 1000mL.  You can choose to receive a single 1000ml bag, 2x500ml bags or  4x250ml bags or as many other combinations you would like. You can also use our Build Your Own Pack option to create your own unique order which can be placed on a recurring subscription.

Can Poach sanitizer be purchased for commercial use?

Of course, our Paoch sanitizer in its large format can be convenient in any commercial environment such as offices, shops, farmhouses or even warehouses for hand and surface disinfecting.

What are Paoch sanitizer ingredients?

The active ingredient in our Paoch sanitizier is Benzalkonium Chloride dissolved at 0.3%, it allows killing 99.9% of germs and it can have a residual effect lasting up to 15 minutes on hands and objects.